2020 Reopening of Elmore County Public Schools       

Eclectic Elementary School


Your child's health and safety has been and will continue to be a priority for the Elmore County School System and Eclectic Elementary School. As we look towards our reopening of schools August 10, our staff has been working tirelessly on protocols and procedures to maximize safety and keep everyone healthy. School reopening guidelines have been developed with the guidance of the Alabama Department of Education, the Alabama Department of Public Health, and the Emergency Management Agency.  Policies and procedures related to COVID-19 mandates will be adjusted according to Alabama state requirements.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we move to reopening school and providing students with an environment to work together toward purposeful pursuit of excellence.

NOTEElmore County will adhere to all state/local health mandates and will adjust procedures as necessary.

Information about COVID-19:

Symptoms of COVID

How to protect yourself from COVID

Alabama COVID testing sites

ECPS Daily Screening Guide for Students and Staff


What will a typical school day look like?

Arrival at School

Parents should screen their children first prior to arrival; if students are bus riders, the bus driver will screen visually.  All students and personnel will receive a temperature check upon arrival, and teachers will also screen within the classroom.

Parents or guardians who drop off their children in the morning will need to stay in their vehicle. Parents and guardians will not be allowed to enter the building, even on the first day of school.

If a student is late to school, you should park out front, call the school to notify an adult that you have arrived, and the student will enter the building by themselves and someone from the front office will check in the child.

Signage will direct students on good health practices to include hygiene/handwashing, social distancing, and recommendations on when to wear masks.


Each school will comply with physical distancing guidelines for student drop-off and pick up.  Principals will notify parents of dismissal processes.  Each school will determine locations where students are to report.


Student hallway aids have been put down with social distancing in mind. Students will be directed to walk on the right side of the hall and space themselves using markers as a guide.


Students will order meals online and meals will be delivered to the classroom or central location.  All meals will be served in sealed trays or sealed grab-n-go bags. Depending on each school’s physical layout, classes may utilize the cafeteria, the classroom and/or outside spaces so that adequate social distancing is maintained between students. 

Parents are encouraged to utilize MySchoolBucks.com for depositing funds into student meal accounts.

Unfortunately, we will not be allowed to have visitors at lunch until further notice.

Students may bring meals from home; however, sharing of food is not permitted.


Teachers are setting up their classrooms to maximize distancing for students. Students are encouraged to keep their items with them during the day and will not share personal materials. Teachers will give digital assignments when possible to limit the transfer of paper.


Principals and teachers will virtually welcome parents and students.  Specific information regarding procedures and processes will be sent to you through email, letter, and/or phone call before school begins.  Some schools are providing small group tours for students who are registered.

As soon as we have information about bus routes, we will post and share this information so that parents can look up their child's morning and afternoon bus number.


Virtual Learning Options
(Odysseyware platform for K - 5 and Edgenuity for 6 - 12)

Click HEREfor information about available virtual learning opportunities

The Elmore County School system has purchased a virtual learning platform (Odysseyware K-5th and Edgenuity for 6th-12th) in which students can  participate in virtual learning sessions.  Every student in Elmore county will be registered in a virtual platform for use at the base school in a blended format.

If parents choose for their child(ren) to participate 100% virtually through the base school rather than traditional learning, then they will need to contact the base school’s principal or designee on registration processes.  See link below:

Click HEREfor the form that will allow you to sign up your child for a virtual learning opportunity at the base school (Odysseyware K - 5th; Edgenuity 6th - 12th). 

For students who receive special education services, parents who register for virtual learning will be provided services by the base school’s special education teachers and paraprofessionals.

For students who receive gifted and other services, the system will have a teacher serve students by providing services each week (probably not per day). Frequency of gifted instruction during the week will be determined as the school year starts, and a schedule of services will be sent.

Click HEREfor a Parent One-Pager


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the school employ social distancing measures?

Yes, as much as possible. Elmore County School System employees, students, parents, and visitors are encouraged to stay approximately 6 feet away from others, if possible, and avoid contact with others. Schools will implement several practices where feasible to follow best hygiene practices and assist in social distancing, including encouraging hand washing and face coverings and not sharing personal items, electronics, toys, books and other games or learning aids,minimizing student traffic flow and developing traffic flow patterns to maximize social distancing, increasing desk spacing where possible, turning desks to face in the same direction, minimizing group settings and limiting mixing between groups.  Students at increased risk of severe illness should implement individualized plans for virtual learning.

Will my child have to wear a face mask?

In accordance with current state guidance, students second grade through twelfth grades are required to wear face masks at this time. This could change based on Elmore County’s health status, and as documented by Alabama Department of Public Health.

NoteThis could change according to mandates put forth by the Alabama Department of Public Health

Will my child's teacher have to wear a face mask?

In accordance with current state guidance, faculty and staff are required to wear masks.  This could change based on Elmore County’s health status, and as documented by Alabama Department of Public Health.

NoteThis could change according to mandates put forth by the Alabama Department of Public Health

Can I visit my child at school?

Until further notice, no parents, guardians, volunteers, or mentors will be allowed on campus. The only people allowed on campus will be school system employees and/or essential personnel.

Parent conferences and meetings will be held via phone, email, or through virtual meetings, when feasible.

If a visitation is absolutely essential and approved by school administrators, visitors will be subject to a temperature check and questionnaire. These instances will be on a limited basis.

Will students be able to use water fountains?

We will begin to covert water fountains with water filling stations.  All students are encouraged to bring a clear plastic water bottle to school and are encouraged to fill their bottles at home each morning. 

Can I have something delivered to the school (food, gifts, etc.)?

Until further notice, no outside food or packages will be received at school (examples: food from outside school, gifts, flowers, balloons, etc.).  This does not apply to students bringing their own lunch or snacks from home. 

What protective measures will be taken on my child's bus?

Bus drivers will clean bus seats, handles, and railings before each route and students will be separated on the bus to the best extent possible.

Will my child still have recess?

Yes, elementary students will still have the opportunity for recess each day (depending on grade level). Grade level classes will either have staggered times or play in different areas to limit contact with other students, and students will be encouraged to socially distance while playing.

What if a child exhibits symptoms of COVID-19?

If a student displays COVID symptoms at school, or has a temperature at or above 100 degrees and/or displays other symptoms that cannot be explained, the child's parents or guardians will be contacted to pick up the student.

The student will be moved into an isolation room until picked up by a parent or guardian. Parents or guardians will be given a reasonable time to pick up their child. If a parent cannot be reached or a student is not/cannot be picked up within a reasonable time frame, 911 will be notified and the child will be transported via EMS to a local hospital.

Parents should contact their child’s school regarding any subsequent diagnosis of a child sent home from school, or who otherwise has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 or other illnesses.  Similarly, parents should notify their child’s school if anyone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19.

The student will not be able to return to school until released by the school’s nurse.  Calls will be returned as soon as possible during school hours. Even if the child has a doctor's note, the child will still have to be cleared by the school’s nurse.

Any siblings or any other student living with a student who is sent home for fever or other symptoms may stay at school, unless they also display symptoms.  Any siblings or any other student living with a person who tests positive for COVID-19 will also be required to quarantine, and may not return to face-to-face instruction until cleared to do so by the school nurse.

All contact information will need to be updated at each school with current contact numbers. Please include the name and numbers of any person (family or otherwise) who is able to pick up your child.

If a case of COVID-19 is diagnosed, local health and school system officials will be notified.  Department of Public Health guidance will be followed, and local health and school officials will determine the next steps the school will follow, which may range from deep cleaning areas to school closing. Local public health officials will determine when or if letters will be sent home.  The privacy of student, family and employee health matters will be maintained.

How will my child complete his work if he/she has been sent home due to illness?

At the beginning of the school year, every student will be provided a Chromebook and will be registered in a grade-appropriate virtual platform (Odysseyware for K-5th or Edgenuity 6th-12th).  Students who are unable to attend school and have appropriate documentation will be allowed to complete assignments on the virtual platform and be marked e-Present. Please reference the Elmore County Student Handbook.


Virtual vs. Traditional FAQ’s

Are there times when virtual students will be required to go to school?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual students will not be required to physically report to school unless they fail to adequately participate and require in-person instruction.

Can virtual students participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, etc.

Yes.  Students will need to be enrolled in the base school for which they are zoned per AHSAA requirements.

Will parents be allowed to change their child’s learning environment at any time throughout the year?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents/guardians will have the opportunity to shift from traditional to virtual school (or virtual to traditional) based on current health assessments. Repeated shifts may need to be approved by the Principal.

Will parents receive professional development or training regarding virtual learning?

Each school will conduct various professional development trainings for parents.  Additionally, under Parent and Student Resources on www.elmoreco.com, there will be a “Parent Academy”, with helpful tutorial videos and information to help each family navigate the virtual environment.

Are students required to complete virtual assignments daily?

Students are expected to stay on pace with virtual expectations.  Please refer to the Elmore County Student Handbook on virtual attendance and engagement (Handbook will be available on July 22, 2020 and published on the Elmore County Public School webpage under Publications:  http://www.elmoreco.com/?DivisionID=2445 ).

Will students be assigned one teacher for virtual learning or will there be multiple teachers?

It depends on the grade level of the child.  Certified teachers in each area supervise each course.

Will there be tutoring options for virtual learning students?

Yes; if  a student has a grade below 60%, the student is strongly encouraged to attend tutoring. 

How will a virtual student receive help if they are falling behind or not understanding concepts?

Students’ needs are evaluated on an individual basis and recommendations are made by the certified teacher and/or PST (problem-solving teams).

Will work/paper packets be available for virtual learning?

This will be limited to administrative approval only.  Our goal is to limit packets of paper due to transmission of germs.

How will virtual students take tests?

Virtual students can take quizzes and unit tests at home.  State mandated tests will have to be done in person at a designated space in Elmore County Schools.

Will virtual students have to take state assessments?
Yes. That is an absolute requirement for each student as we are part of the public-school system.

If a student has an IEP, 504 or EL plan, how will they receive accommodations if he/she is a virtual student?

School leadership teams will discuss individual students’ needs and make case-by-case decisions for students with IEP/504/I-ELP plans.  It is possible that a student’s needs may best be met in a traditional setting; however, all cases will be discussed on an individual basis.

Will there be field trips for traditional and virtual students?

At the time of this publication, no field trips are scheduled for students in either the virtual or the traditional learning environments due to COVID-19.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Will a parent be required to be at home with the virtual student during the normal school hours?

While we cannot require parents or guardians to supervise at home, it is highly encouraged that every student, regardless of age and grade level, has adequate supervision while on the virtual platform.

Will driver’s education be available to virtual students?

Yes, students wishing to participate in driver’s education must take this class as a blended course at their base school in the traditional school setting.  Instruction will take virtually and the driving portion will be conducted at the base campus.